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FedHΑΤΤΑ - dodeka

FedHATTA presents “Dódeka” (Twelve), a dynamic proposal aiming at enriching our tourist product and prolonging the tourist season, which comprises twelve thematic and special interest activities as well as the promotion of lesser-known tourist destinations.

It is a initiative from which new tourism products will emerge for our country, a necessary element to redefine Greece as a favorite destination for international tourists, while at the same time signaling the start of our initiatives and actions.



It is our aspiration for the inexhaustible program of activities of “Dódeka”, after being enriched and processed, to become a toolbox to be utilized not only by the Greek tour operators and travel agents, but also by their international networks.



The topics of “Dódeka” comprise a wealth of information for Greek and foreign travellers, who, in this way, will find out that Greece has indeed beautiful beaches and sun (two natural treasures that have made our country known all over the world), but can also offer unique experiences due to its unique nature (mountains, lakes, rivers), ski resorts, the lesser-known destinations, tradition, art etc.

Greece awaits you to discover it in www.dodekatravel.com!






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