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Seleni Suites Boutique Deluxe Hotel

The concept
Seleni Suites Boutique Deluxe Hotel - named after the Ancient Greek word for Helen - was created in Vytina of Arcadia with the aspiration of becoming a point of reference both on a national and international level. Therefore, a unique luxurious hotel complex was designed according to top-notch specifications and at the same time with indisputable respect towards the traditional architecture. Untouched by roads and traffic, this splendid property offers absolute peace and quiet all day long while at night the clear mountain air give stargazers a breathtaking spectacle.

Our Philosophy
There is a very clear philosophy at SELENI SUITES BOUTIQUE DELUXE HOTEL. To date definitions of luxury have been overcome and we feel the need to redefine. Our tradition and history are used to gain the leverage we need to become more adaptable, flexible, innovative, and resourceful. In an era of constantly expanding impersonal major brands, we find that there is a growing demand for individuality, originality, simplicity and obviousness of the warmth of human response. So, looking forward to a successful business, we believe that we must establish the conditions for real hospitality. The originality, comfort, true hospitality, humor and honesty are put forward to make sure that we shall pave a successful course and you will receive the result you deserve.

The Complex
Seleni Suites Boutique Deluxe Hotel consists of two buildings, the main building which accommodates the twenty-six suites, the Reception and the Public Areas, all of which spread over three levels and the stone building where there are four independent apartments all on ground level. The two buildings are connected with the Gallery of the Complex. The interior design is a perfect combination of a refined environment and comfortable simplicity where nothing is left to chance, exuding a sense of familiarity to make guests feel completely at home.

22010 Vytina,
Tel.: +30 27950 31750
Fax: +30 27950 22896
e-mail: info@selenisuites.com 






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